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Ken Babal started playing drums professionally at age 17 with East Coast 60s recording groups the Shangri-Las, Vogues and Lou Christie. After making a move to Los Angeles, he toured with October Country (Epic Records) and began playing clubs, concerts and recording sessions with many notable artists, including Don McLean, Bonnie Bramlett, Michael McDonald, Tata Vega and Helen Forrest as well as members of Steely Dan and the Eagles. Ken is author of the classic Manual of Rock Drumming and a contributor to DRUM! Magazine. He continues to play clubs and concerts. Credits include the movie soundtrack Paradise Motel and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, the Drifters.

Musical Styles
Rock, Pop, R & B, Blues, Latin, Country, Rockabilly, Smooth Jazz, Standards (All Pop Styles)

Lou Farah, Higher Ground, Steve Valdez, Two Dogs Band, Steve Kidda, Thom Teresi and the Street Smart Band, Rhombus Records, Mondo Celaya, Mark W. Curran, Cruisin’ Oldies Concerts, Steffen Presley, Song-Haven Studios, Danny Dean & The Homewreckers, Tom Huggins, Joe Martinez, Domonique Garcia, Brian Lee, Steve Mann, Dave Denering, Joey Rome, Alex Vogel, Randy Beckett's Rebel Train, Kenny Lee Lewis, Bob Metzger, Pete Snell, Paper Rain, Dan Carson, Rocket Oldies Internet Radio, Ernie Hernandez, Coco and the Swing Cats, Art Holland, Dave Wilson, Billy Darnell, Frank Galuppo, Gil Karson, Don Butler, Robert Heft, Peter Ortega, Noel Deis, Frankie Fontaine Band, Pat Olvera, Sarah Ortega, Nick DiNucci.

“Babal understands the importance of loud, fast pops on the drums. Occasionally, he would double his tempo, and then slide effortlessly back to a slower driving beat...Babal’s drumming probably moved the crowd more than anything else did.”
Charlie Mullin, Music Connection

“Vogel and Babal are a fuel-injected rhythm section that supercharges every song.”
Bernard Baur, Music Connection 

"It's always amazing to me when a musician sub whom you've never played with before walks on stage and just nails it all night long. Well, that just happened last night with Ken Babal. Superb drummer."  Robert Heft Blues Band

KEN BABAL with Classic Rock Band PAPER RAIN - Video

KEN BABAL with R & B/Disco Group HIGHER GROUND - Video

Swing - Topsy (Performed and Arranged by Ken Babal)

Country - My Baby's Eyes (Billy Burnor)

Latin - Besame Mama (Two Dogs Band)

Blues - Slow Blues (Blues Gurus)

Rockabilly - Hobo Man (Rebel Train)

R & B - What's Goin On (Two Dogs Band)

Alternative Rock - Still the One (Pal Joey)



January 7, 7-11pm - Dave Wilson Band, Condor Lounge, 2524 Beechwood Way, Pine Mountain Club, CA 

January 14, 8pm-12am - Higher Ground, Sagebrush Cantina, 23527 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, CA

January 28, 9pm-12:30am - Higher Ground, The Smoke House, 4420 W. Lakeside Drive, Burbank, CA

February 17, 8pm-12am - Higher Ground, Sagebrush Cantina, 23527 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, CA

February 25, 9pm- 12:30am - Higher Ground, The Smoke House, 4420 W. Lakeside Drive Burbank, CA



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